Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Karen Kollar and Karen Vaughn visit Hootervillie,tx.

Karen Kollar and Karen Vaughn who are 2 very beaiutful women,who work as 2 U.S Government agents and Karen Kollar is a very beauitful older woman,with very beautful long blonde goddess hair,which is wearing down and she is wearing her fancy work outfit and her fellow F.B.I agent Karen Vaughn who is much younger woman,who has very beautful long brown goddess hair,which she is wearing down and is a much younger woman than KAREN Kollar,and she also wearing a dress outfit,as they pulled car,into the Doggie run and owned cafe,which is run by 2 very friendly dogs named Buster and Sugar,who just got opened a new 24 hour and 7 days a week opened cafe ,which is located in the small town of Hootervillie,tx,and here are some of this cafe's really nice human and doggies and kitty customers that just walked into this really nice cafe,SFPD Homicide Police Inspector named Harry Callahan along with his doggie Homicide Detectivce Barley were sent to Hooterville,tx,to escort author named Jessica Flectcher,back to San Franicsco,ca,becasuse Jessica Flectcher saw Molly a known AL-QADEA Opertive meeting with Lionel Luthor,who is the Father of Lex Luthor and Jessica Flecther saw them both meeting with Other AL-QADEA Opertives making plans to launch a suicide attack on a very respected Lawyer named Oliver Wendell Douglas's farm house here in Hooterville,tx,becasuse Molly is mad at Oliver Wendell Douglas,for refusing defend Molly in a doggie-human court house,over a $300,000 traffic ticket,she refused,and SO Jessica Flectcher has been staying in the guest house at Olver Wendell Douglas and Lisa Douglas's farm house here in Hootersvillie,tx,once both SFPD Police Inspector Harry Callahan and his faith full doggie SFPD Homicide Detectivce partner named Barley,the doggie, both get done eating their very large breakfast and got done drinking their 6 pots of coffee,both of these 2 SFPD Homicide Detectivces will get back in their rented unmarked car and Drive all the Farm House of MR AND MRS Oliver Wendell Douglas,where Jessica Flectcher is siting in the kitchen of this country farm eating a very large breakfast and The U.S Justice Deptment a Private Detective named Thomas Magnum,who is also a guest of Oliver Wendell Douglas at the counrty farm house here in Hootervillie,tx,who is carrying 6 9mm-glock hand guns and he also has a pump shot gun and he brought enough bullets for his 6 9mm-glock hand guns and he also brought with him,plenty of shells for his pump shot gun and he is wearing a bullet proofvest and he forced author Jessica Flectcher to wear a bullettproof vest and carry a 357 magnum hand gun in her purse,and Over in Cabot Cove ,Maine,2 Doggie C.I.A agents named Lucky and Benny the doggies,drove their unmarked car to the small town of Cabot Cove,Maine,to drive and later arrive at The Cabot Cove's Sheriff's Deptment,both these same 2 doggie C.I.A Agents named Lucky and Benny,just walked inside the Cabot Cove 's Sherff's Deptment,showed imoptant documents to Cabot Cove Sheriff named Mort Mezter,that is a AL-QADEA terriost cell located inside inside the small town of Cabot Cove,Maine,they just gotten reports from human C.I.A Director named Jack Ryan,that a private lear was stolen from Boston's Logan Airport,by a group of AL-QADEA Suicide ATTACKERS,THEY WERE ordered by Molly ,to fly that private lear into Jessica Flectcher's house in Cabot,Cove,becasuse she wrote about Molly,to exposed her as an AL-QADEA Opertive in the united states,and in San Francisco,ca,at THE San Francsico Police Deptment,SFPD Police LT.Al Bressler is meeting with Pinevalley Police Chief Jessie Hubbard and Jeepers resort island Doggie Police Commissioner Boscoe,the doggie,and SFPD LT.AL Bressler is good friends with Doggie U.S President Lizzy the doggie and SFPD LT AL Bressler has been invited to the doggie white House,in the doggie oval,where Doggie Vice President Peanut is also in the oval office,talking on the doggie white house hotline with Gotham City Police Commissiner Gordon,